Tour of the Rose Bowl

Tour of the Rose Bowl

On the 9th May donors and supporters of the Friends of the Rose Bowl had an opportunity to visit the centre and to meet the youth workers and trustees. Clive Tachie, Youth Work Manager, welcomed guests and provided details of the refurbishment of the centre, including the impressive roof top. He also shared moving and inspirational videos of the children who attend the Rose Bowl.

Clive explained that the Rose Bowl is a partner of the Felix Project distributing food from its kitchen to those in need. Money raised from our kind donors has been used to buy a larger fridge and freezer to accommodate the growing demand. Many local families are struggling to feed their children as food prices rise.

Nikki, Tillie and Lara shared their experiences and proudly took the guests on a tour of the indoor and outdoor facilities. They clearly enjoy the time they spend at the centre, the guidance of the youth workers, the opportunities to learn, play and mix with other teenagers.

Dawn Jarrett and Stacey Jeakins spoke about how they engage with the children in various activities to have fun, learn new skills and build community and respect for each other.

Oswin Baker, Chair of the Friends of the Rose Bowl concluded the evening by expressing our appreciation for the guests’ ongoing support and interest in providing opportunities for local youth.

Thank you and your team for hosting and looking after us at the Rose Bowl Reception this evening. We found it all most interesting and heartening and are delighted we came. Truly it was a worthwhile event. 

Simon and Jenny Brown

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