Support from The Children’s House

Support from The Children’s House

The parents’ committee of The Children’s House share our goals to provide opportunities for local children, particularly those facing disadvantages. At their annual auction they dedicate part of the funds raised to support local charities, including the Friends of the Rose Bowl (FoRB). Like us, the parents care about the Rose Bowl Youth Club on the New River Estate, where the initiatives are led and designed by the youth in consultation with the youth workers and make a difference to their lives.

The various activities and programmes at the club allow the children on the estate and in the Borough of Islington to learn, gain valuable skills, play, have fun in a safe space and create a sense of community and belonging.

Sema Ermis, a recently appointed Initiative Assistant at the Rose Bowl Youth Club, spoke about her experiences and the many benefits of attending the club. At just sixteen years of age, she was a great role model for the club and spoke enthusiastically.

As Sema said,

“I learn something new every time I go to the Rose Bowl. It has made me feel more comfortable and confident in social environments. I’ve been able to try things that I never thought I’d be interested in, for example, Gain Ctrl.

The Rose Bowl responds to the needs of young people. Kids that come to Rose Bowl are really happy and confident and there seems to be a bond between the kids and youth workers.”

Sylvana Caloni, FoRB Trustee and Sema Ermis, Initiative Assistant

Sylvana Caloni, FoRB Trustee, expressed gratitude to the parents of The Children’s House for their long standing partnership and generosity. She briefly explained how the funds raised in previous years have been allocated, including the Initiative Assistants’ Programme, the Summerversity, Women’s Football and a music project.

Sylvana also shared an exciting new idea created by the Rose Bowl Club, The Wilderness Project. Currently the club is in consultation with the local community to convert the adjacent wooded area to make it a much more welcoming and inviting outdoor space for the children to explore, socialise and have fun.

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