A View from the Rose Bowl

A View from the Rose Bowl

At our recent fundraising auction, we were fortunate to be joined by Chloe Olden, one of the Rose Bowl’s original Young Advisors, and now an employee at Isledon Arts.   Chloe opened the auction proceedings at Frederick’s by sharing her perspective on the Rose Bowl and its importance to her and the local community and we were delighted when she shared her feedback on the evening as follows.

“It’s so refreshing to expose myself to people who believe in young people and their futures. I met so many wonderful and very inspirational people last night who gave me a bundle of advice which I will take on board. As an old user of Rose Bowl and now an employee of Isledon Arts, it really touches me to know that there are so many people within the Canonbury area that genuinely care for the young people growing up around them. Without the support from you, The Trustees and very generous people from Canonbury I wouldn’t be where I am now. So thank you.”

Chloe also kindly shared with us a copy of her opening remarks which can be viewed here.

Thanks very much to Chloe!

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