20th Anniversary of the Friends of the Rose Bowl

20th Anniversary of the Friends of the Rose Bowl

The Trustees of the Friends of the Rose Bowl gathered to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the charity.

Founding Chair, Jane Simmonds said:

“Celebrating 20 years since the Rose Bowl charity was established is a very special occasion as we remember all the Trustees who have supported our local charity over the years. All of them have given their time, work and skills freely to raise funds for and to support the work at the Rose Bowl. I do hope they realise how much their contribution has been valued and that, without their help the Rose Bowl would not be the flourishing success that it is today.”

Long-standing Trustee, Angela Potter added:

“It has been a great privilege to have helped steer the Rose Bowl from its rather doubtful start in 1999, and to have contributed to the Friends for the last 20 years. I am a firm believer in improving the opportunities for the next generation, and in particular for those whose prospects look grim.  The Rose Bowl is now a magnificent example of what every neighbourhood should have.” 

Current Chair, Oswin Baker also commented:

“It is truly inspiring to see a community organisation not only survive in this day and age but also go from strength to strength. Our first 20 years have shown that the Rose Bowl is needed and loved and cherished by children, young people and their families in the local area. I can only hope that our next 20 years will demonstrate how much more we can add to young people’s lives right across Islington.”

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